Sarah Edmunds Is Legal Tweeter Of The Week!

One of the best surprises we've had recently was to be awarded Legal Tweeter Of The Week by the good people at Elephant Creative.

They gave us the Legal Tweeter Of The Week award (which was for our @SELEGAL Twitter account) for a variety of reasons, scoring our account for factors such as level of interaction, engagement and frequency of tweets; biography; aesthetics, quality and consistency of Twitter page; content and multi-media; and Twitter experience. We scored really highly in all categories, getting a 33/40 overall score in the process.

Here's one of the quotes from the report, assessing the overall Twitter experience:

"It’s a refreshing change to see a real, authentic and genuinely charismatic Twitter account.  Keep up the good work ladies; we look forward to seeing great things from you on social media this year.  More video and images please."

Thanks again to Elephant Creative for the award. It means a lot!

If you would like to know what all the hype is about then please follow us on Twitter: @SELEGAL.

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