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We are delighted to now offer a comprehensive commercial property service for individuals and small local businesses, mainly in the East Sussex area. Unlike residential property, every single commercial lease will be completely unique and will depend largely upon the type of business, the type of space being leased and the proposed use. We can offer a flexible commercial property service suited to your needs, requirements and budget.

When we arranged the lease for our offices, we found that appointing another solicitor to advise us was going to cost almost 2 month's rent! For small and new businesses, this is often not an option. We can offer a cost effective commercial property package, which is likely to cost in the region of only £1,000.00 - £1,250.00 plus VAT (and any third party costs). Costs could be more if you wish for us to conduct negotiations on your behalf and draw up the heads terms of your agreement.

Commercial Leases are usually very heavily weighted in favour of the landlord, who can usually afford to pay a solicitor to spend many hours carefully wording the lease in such a way that it is almost wholly to their advantage and almost impossible to understand! It is thus crucial to find professional solicitors to give advice and help with renting a commercial property.

We have seen many leases where no legal advice has been sought (mainly due to time and cost) and expensive problems have now to be resolved.

Remember – you don't often want a lawyer – you need one! We will need to spend a lot more time rectifying a problem than checking a document before you sign it.

Commercial Property Services

We offer the following as part of our commercial property service:

  • We can act for Landlords or Tenants.
  • We carry out at least one site inspection with you and/or your tenant/landlord at the premises.
  • We deal only with leases which are fair to both landlord and tenant and act in accordance with the Code for Leasing Business Premises.
  • We can offer a cost effective commercial property package, which is likely to cost in the region of only £750.00 plus VAT.
  • We deal with short commercial leases of up to 5 years.
  • We endeavour to deal with all correspondence on the same day that we receive it.
  • We endeavour to return all missed calls within 4 working hours.
  • If you have any queries at all about commercial property, if you would like to book an appointment or just have a general chat, please contact us whenever it is convenient with you.

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